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Dear Mr. Klaus,

On the 2nd of October 2009, Ireland voted "yes" to the Lisbon treaty after having been forced to vote again after their "no"-vote in 2008.

The Lisbon treaty effectively takes away the member states' sovereignity and independence, making them provinces in the EU-state. Both the EU Constitution itself and how it came about, shows the utter disregard that EU and the Eurocrats have for democracy and the people of Europe.

However, there is one small thread of hope left that could stop the Lisbon treaty. This hope is you, Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president.

You have so far courageously refused to sign the Lisbon treaty, despite intense pressure. If you continue to refuse to sign this treaty, you can delay it from going into effect until the Conservative Party in England wins the next election in the spring of 2010. When they do, the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, will put the Lisbon treaty to a referendum, where it will most likely be voted down by the English.

Thus, if you decide not to sign the treaty you will have made it possible for this treaty to be thrown out, once and for all.

We realize that you will be under intense pressure from the EU-elite and Eurocrats, but as you have shown great character before, we hope that you will continue on that righteous path. There are millions and millions of Europeans that do not want this treaty, in fact, polls show that a majority of Europeans would vote "no" if they had the chance.

If you decide not to sign and ratify this treaty, you will be making history as an extraordinarily courageous statesman who saved Europe, its people and its nations, from the ever more undemocratic European Union.

We therefore humbly ask and encourage you to do the right thing and not sign the Lisbon treaty.

With all our support.


The Undersigned

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